I am trying to make this as easy as possible for people.

I will probably revise this many times, but keeping the same principals in mind.

Until we get this all figured out and running smoothly.

For now, here is the deal and here is what you get. Lets not waste any time and make this as quick as possible.

1. We build you a brand_

  • you and I will briefly discuss your goals
  • we will figure out a good name\brand for your marketing business
  • then we start designing your website
  • get you a custom graphics kit from our graphics team

2. We provide a set of tools_

  • you will get a blog
  • a domain name and hosting for 1 year
  • mobile access for your visitors
  • mobile advertising opportunities
  • email scraping and blasting tools
  • top of the line solo ad providers
  • some other great nerd stuff, if you can handle it

3. We teach how to use your new tools properly_

  • ongoing and updated ‘blog\brand\tool’ training
  • real time live team support
  • as close to (live) 24 hour support as possible
  • busy and active team room
  • constantly updated training
  • short video training and easy to use strategies
  • ten step system – coming soon!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see a sample of the Top Ten System


So you can learn how to build a brand and use THAT… to sell anything you want. From Empower Network to ilivingapp to Myfunlfe. You get the idea. But literally, when you have your own brand you can promote anything YOU want. Say anythingYOU want.

You also need to think about things like selling adspace. Selling widget space. Selling even the entire site! I have built sites and got them ranked so high on that people have made offers and actually purchased domain names from me!

I sell adspace all the time on my high ranking blogs. You will be able to do the same things.Put someone else’s opt in form on your high ranking blog and charge them 100 dollars per week.

Things like that.

You will be able to use what we teach to find ways to earn EVEN MORE income. Using our ideas and your entrepreneurial spirit. Things will just happen in your head and you will start to think of brilliant ways to make money.

Here is a screen shot of PART of the files section in our group.

The list is getting so big, I can’t fit them all on 1 screen shot!


More added each day .. all these files are free. for you to use on your blog to help you build like the rest of the team. so all it takes a one off payment of $100 to Ben Davis .. and $100 monthly payment to me Paul Powers. .. and then you do the same. Also how easy is it to copy & Paste  this Blog and advertise it yourself on your own Blog too .. EASY …EASY …

Just sign up below !!! send Ben $100 .. Then Me $100 a monthly .. then you can start earning too.



To join is 200 dollars.

50 dollars – Monthly Too w00t (ben Davis).

150 dollars – monthly To me (You Sell It Also For this too).

That means you pay 200 to start, Refer People you get 150 per person .

Which is pretty standard in internet marketing.

All payments are made using PayPal. It is just easier and cheaper that way. For now.

If you want to discuss other payment options, please email me. I do have an option.

Yes, 200 dollars per month to stay in. But you know what that means. You also have the opportunity to earn 150 dollars RESIDUAL INCOME per referral you make by bringing people in to the system to get their own brand name made.

You get paid once per month, on the same day you made the sale, at the same time. People LOVE the instant PayPal money, so that is why I chose to use PayPal. I know I love getting those emails that say you got a payment. You will too.



So, lets keep this simple.

If you are interested.

Please let us know.


We will build you a brand, provide you marketing tools and teach you how to use them.


We can also design you a custom image and graphics kit for your new brand.

Soon, there will also be a Top Ten Checklist of things you need to do in the marketing world, to stay successful.

This list will be updated and always useful.

For the people who still are not really sure what to do in marketing and are always told the wrong stuff.

We will fix that and give you actual, useful tips and tricks to help your overall marketing business.




If you are the type of person who needs to see testimonials and stuff like that.


I am a proven (time and time again) internet marketing coach, SEO and wordpress guru. It is what I do, it is what I am good at. It is what I can teach. I have taught people from ages 18 to 65 how to use a blog to make money online.

Check around my blogs and read the comments. You will see from my team how much they like my training and how much they are learning from it too. We do not fool around here, we are serious online marketers who want to make money and enjoy life.



(instead of someone elses)

pelase continue






Do them a favor, put THEIR NAME in the PayPal comments box when you pay.
You wouldn’t want them to miss out on their commissions, would you?


First PayPal Payment

1st fee (w00t)  – 50 Dollars month



Second PayPal Payment

Monthly Subscription – 150 Dollars





When you are done.

If we are not already connected on facebook, do that now.


Add me on facebook. Tell Ben  you came from this site. Tell Ben (Paul Powers)  referred you.

After we confirm that you paid.

We will get started on building your new brand.

Proof here about the traffic you recieve from working with w00t Marketing



Luis Velasquez
Luis Velasquez

awesome post, w00t is changing the game. where else can you build your brand, get tons and tons of awesome tools along with an awesome team ready to help you out and lets not forget that you can make money as you build your brand. w00t is blowing up! If you haven't joined yet what are you waiting for?


Good job!! w00t is helping a lot of people!!! Shared


Love the way you broke it down. Very easy to understand. Great job!!

Don Walker
Don Walker

I really love how easy this is to read and follow...Thanks Paul!

PaulPowers moderator

thks ben.. will do .. ur a star w00t


@bendavvis centering the images would make it flow better, it was a great read thank you Paul


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